The Easiest Way – Easy Sparkling Party Punch – How To Make The Easiest Way

Make this recipe!! Hosting a holiday party can be a lot of fun; getting stuck making drinks the whole night at that party can be a real drag. In this video recipe, Lisa Lavery of the CHOW Test Kitchen uses our Sparkling Rum and Pomegranate Punch recipe to make a delicious drink thatll free you up to mingle. The Easiest Way is CHOWs weekly video recipe series. Every Wednesday well be debuting a new, simple video recipe straight from the Test Kitchen that gives step-by-step instructions along with all the extra information you need to put together a great meal. Check back every week and youll never lack for dinner ideas again! Check out all our other easy video recipes with The Easiest Way playlist: Subscribe to CHOW: For more recipes, stories and videos, check out CHOW on Twitter: CHOW on Facebook: ========================================================

18 thoughts on “The Easiest Way – Easy Sparkling Party Punch – How To Make The Easiest Way

  1. Looks great@!!! I love chow so much thanks for all of the videos you post, they help me a lot!!!!!!!!!! Please COMMENT BACK TO ME It would mean the world and the best christmas gift ever!111111

  2. Just made this punch for my party tonight. Tastes great and has a wonderful color. I’m lying but it looks like a really good punch! I love you CHOW! Happy New Years. Bye.

  3. This was actually pretty good.

    I mean it wasn’t any doritos consomme but it’ll be nice enough to add some pizzazz to my little parties.

  4. Well Lisa is too cute and I’m too damn tired to leave any snarky comments today. Peace.

  5. to add a southwestern kick to your holiday punch bowl, pre-freeze a quart block of….you get the idea.

  6. or just make the giant icecube with the prepared punch…. so when it melts it’ll never ever dilute it!

  7. Oh jeez… are we STILL doing that joke? They got us on halloween and we’re STILL doing it?? Give it up. Its done.

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