The Basics of Keyword Research to Promote Your Product or Service – with Ron Jones

In this video interview Internet search pioneer Ron Jones explains the basics of keyword research and why it is foundational to all kinds of search marketing, both SEO and PPC. He outlines the four steps involved in implementing it. Keywords are the language of search -- what your customers must think of and type in so they can find anything, hopefully you! Keyword research can tell you keyword narrowness or breadth, popularity, competitiveness of various keywords. People familiar with an industry, such as a CEO, may prefer pet words that real customers dont use or search on very often. Keyword research provides a reality check. The four steps are: 1.Brainstorm keywords using a thesaurus or dictionary, or an online tool like Google Keyword Tool or Trellian Keyword Discovery. 2.Refine your keywords by scoring on a scale of 1 to 10 on the basis of competitiveness, popularity, frequency, relevancy, etc. 3.Group your keywords into categories, which become ad groups in PPC. 4.Deploy your keywords on your website with SEO or in a paid search PPC campaign with Google AdWords. Ron Jones is the CEO of Symetri Internet Marketing, an Internet agency that founded in 1998 -- a real pioneer. Ron Jones is the author of Keyword Intelligence: Keyword Research for Search, Social, and Beyond (Sybex, 2011). This interview was recorded at the SES Conference in Chicago on November 15, 2012.