The Basics of a Self Hosted WordPress Blog / From Setup To Writing Your First Post! A self hosted blog through wordpress can be a pain! Learning everything right away is JUST not the way to go. Start with the basics of a wordpress setup. In this tutorial I show you how to set up a wordpress blog on your own hosting account all the way to writing your first blog post. If you dont have a hosting account you can get one for about $90 dollars a year and you can host as many sites as you want. This is one I recommend (not the one used in the video) BLUEHOST and you can get that through my affiliate link here If you were sent to this video by someone and need a hosting account and THEY have an affiliate for it, get it from them. I am an honest chick and wont step in and make a commission off of someone who TOLD you to watch this check with THAT person first. If you came here by accident or by searching, then get it from me: My website is filled with tons of training for your Home or Small Business, feel free to poke around there too. Thanks for watching!! Kim Shahan