TeknoMW3 Hosting/ TeknoMW3 Dedicated Server/ Working again ! :)

UPDATE - Visit my tutorial on problem fixes and updater link ;Read the of it description !!! www.youtube.com This is probably the last video Ill make as theres nothing left to showcase anymore. All the commands will be listed in the description, alongside with what they do and of course, as always - any questions youre having, ask them away, I will try to do my best to help you out, the viewers. Expect an add-up tutorial on how to config your gamemode and implement it in your dedicated server as it wouldve otherwise been too long :) teknogods.com https www.facebook.com 1. Hosting on TeknoMW3 is usually done by launching TeknoMW3 and chosing Dedicated Server from the Multiplayer menu on the launcher. - - - - Note - If you dont have the latest version , you can download it from here : adf.ly - - - - Note - If you dont have the server.cfg file , you can download it from here : adf.ly and put it in your player2 folder 2. After your dedicated server has started, you will see its not doing anything and thats because it now needs commands from you, the host that is. 3. Heres a brief tutorial on how to customize your recipies (gamemode settings) [Check the bottom of the description due to not being able to link the video..] 4. Once you have modded your recipe and saved it onto your computer, to start the server simply type in : sv_maprotation default;start_map_rotate;sv_hostname *Your server name here* 5. Start the game, using either LanOnline or Direct Connect (once <b>...<b>

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  1. files diferent from the server :S que puedo hacer he probado a bajarme de mil videos unos archivos y meterlos en zone español y nada aun asi nada sigue saliendo que hago en que fallo

  2. hi, i cant get my server online, he is on the lan tab instead of the internet tab. can anyone help me??

    on the console, i get:
    Steam Game Server initialized as Internet Server.
    No Steam Master Servers found. Server will LAN visible only.

    sorry for my english

  3. hey guys if you have problems like steams is not running u need to get cracked game and then drag from the map where u have tekno and that in the mw3 folder it works for me

  4. Hey dude, i got a pack caalled Addon (WinRaR Arc.) That has alot of hosting feautures? (.txt* files) Do u know how i migt host with that? And also u couldnt find server.cfg :I

  5. Update video in the description.. Click on it and then from there, click on its’ description. I’d upload all files in one description but youtube doesn’t permit it, I guess there’s a description limit

  6. Make a Video on
    1: How to use Rcon,
    2: How to Mod a server
    3:How to make an SND server only!!
    PLEASEEE !!!

  7. It’s been answered in my Update video man, just port forward and make sure your Nat’s Open, latest version, etc. Go read all about it in its’ description, I’ve linked it there because youtube has a description size limit and I had to make another video :)

  8. hi… i had done every step but there is only 2 servers shows up to me i want more servers and i want to make server so me and my friends play in together but when i do the steps up here its not work beside its tells me when i do the steps up [Spawn map (mp_radar, war) complete.]
    not like u pleas help

  9. You’re most probably on an earlier release of the game. Like i instructed in my how to play and Upate video, you need the 1.4.382 update to see and host on the TeknoMW3 files. Update video is in the first link in the description

  10. hi again
    when i make server its go to lan not internet he tells me
    No Steam Master Servers found. Server will LAN visible only

  11. Update video, first link in the description, go watch it, make sure your ports are forwarded, your NAT is open, you have a static IP and etc. All is explained there

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