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M16 Fury on Bakaara – Fan mail, show hosting, and personal life update! (MW3 Gameplay Commentary)

Top 5 CoD Plays: www.youtube.com My butt hurt from the MW3 non-patch debacle has finally cooled off and Im back to casually playing CoD games again. Still playing a lot of BF3 and DayZ but CoD is back in the mix. I was randomly asked this morning to host the Top 5 CoD Plays on the Videogames channel because OnlyUseMeBlade couldnt make it. Im Blades backup now? When did this happen? I read some fan mail that people have sent to the PO box, show a picture of a gift that was sent, and have some very bad news about my eyesight :(

Kevin Hart Hosting VMAs, Kanye & Kim Kardashian Promo Video

2012 VMA Promo: www.youtube.com bit.ly – Subscribe to ClevverMusic! on.fb.me – ClevverMusic Facebook Fan Page! Twitter.com – Follow Us! MTV reveals this years VMA host, and debuts a controversial promo for the Sept. 6th show! Hey music lovers, welcome back to ClevverMusic. MTV has revealed that comedian Kevin Hart will host this years MTV Video Music Awards in Los Angeles on September 6th, which is a slight upgrade for Kevin from last year. 2011s show saw Kevin Hart do the opening monologue, but he didnt host the rest of the show, that was left to various stars such as Lady Gagas alter-ego Jo Calderone. A racy new promo for the show introduces Kevin as the host, and features rapper Kanye West and new girlfriend Kim Kardashian. The hilarious promo sees Kevin getting ready for some host duties that night while sharing a hotel room with Kim and Kanye, who just got back from the gym. We love seeing the two lovebirds chilling on the bed together very relaxed, and we see a low maintenance- mellow side of Kim Kardashian- which we love. Kevin interrupts Kim and Kanye, forcing himself into their "it" couple status, suggesting the trio adopt the name "KevYeKim" insead of their usual moniker "KimYe". Kanye and Kim dont like it so he suggests "KKK" and teases Kim "You got a white hoodie?" We dont think this Klu Klux Klan joke is very funny, but no doubt MTV is trying to stir up more controversy for the big show. Kevin told Ryan Seacrest on his radio show that the promo concept <b>…<b>

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bit.ly Global Domains International Top Leader GDI Top Earner Jason Cardamone Shows Proof Of Massive Duplication. This particular video, shot on March 6th, 2011, shows how he built a team of 14088 in 27 months. (and growing daily)

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Top Internet Marketing Trends in 2012 – National Positions – Webinar from Jan 18, 2012

The CEO of National Positions, Bernard May speaks about the top internet marketing trends in 2012 and how we can utilize these channels to grow your business.

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10 South Park Episodes that Prove Cartman is Evil

Eric Cartman is pure evil and we collected some of the funniest South Park episodes as evidence. www.liquidgeneration.com

Top 5 Online Marketing Trends 2012!

The top 5 ways to market your brandbusiness in 2012: 1. Bloggingcontent creation -optimize with key words -make it interesting -make it easy to share 2. mobile marketing – create a mobile version of your site. – Create an app – Make it easy for people to find you on places like Google maps. 3. Videos! – YouTube: 2nd largest search engine – Podcast, how-to or viral videos – Blip.TV: distribute through different channels 4.social media marketing: Google+ (tease frankwatching.comww1) Post comments on blogs, be involved in online communities, respond to tweetsFB posts, etc 5 . Location based apps -achievement badges -specialsdeals -contests