The Best of the Best – 1st Birthday Bash Promo – 30.3.2013

The Best of the Best – 1st Birthday Bash – 30th March 2013. Due to unforeseen circumstances beyond our control the original venues we were to be hosting this event at are no longer available for this night, So we will now be hosting this event at MINSTERS 23-29 Glebe Street, Stoke ST4 1HL with the Same Lineup & ticket price, Usual BOTB banners & kicking system. Weve had to work fast and apologies for any inconvenience caused. We hope you can all still make it and keep the party alive & we look forward to seeing you there, as they say…the show must go on!……… *LIVE*LOVE*DANCE* Best of the Best DJ Competition…..See below for details & links or visit: . Advance Paper Tickets Only *£10* etickets NOW AVAILABLE £10+BF: Facebook Event Page: Line Up: Arena 1: Best of the Best – 1st Birthday Mark EG Stu Allan Fallout Demand Sten 3Dom & Tox (3 Dex of Madness) Baron Nasty Andy Tekno Hosted By: MCs Connie, Man Parris. Ezy, Speed, Lox, Mental Arena 2 : Oldskool Classics (88-94) Daz Willott Daba Shock C Man Parris (DJ Set) Ash (Northern Project) Mart EB & Gmax Wayne & Andy Felton Best of the Best DJ Competition Winner (tbc*) Hosted by: MCs Man Parris & Alex Energy (Last Stoke Gig*) The Best of the Best have relocated to Minsters in Stoke for this event which will be hosted over two rooms and a chill out room.. and once again will bring you some of the famous sounds and faces that rocked the one and only Club Kinetic <b>…<b>

Akon – Be With You [HQ] Lyrics included

Akons back!! With his most diverse & electrifying album yet. Freedom is in stores now. Many were complaining about static in the background of others hosted vids; and so I took it upon myself to fix the problem w hosting a high rez version of my own. Enjoy! Lyrics: eh eh eh eh eh eh Ohhhhhh I know they wanna come and separate us but they cant do us nothin Your the one I want and Im a continue lovin Cause your considered wifey and Im considered husband And Im a always be there for you And either way you look at it I aint goin no where from my muffin Cause she gonna hold it down, cant no body tell her nothin You got the kind of love that always make up after fussin And thats what gets me closer to you And no one knows Why Im into you Cause youll never know what its like to walk in our shoes And no one knows, the things weve been through Can never measure up to half of what I put you through Thats why well break through And I dont care what they say Im gonna be with you Im gonna be with you I wanna be with you And I dont care what they do Im gonna be with you Im gonna be with you Im gonna be with you Seems like every day that go by things are gettin harder Want to be the one that give you the whole enchilada Cause I know what my baby like, ?? that Prada Louis bag to match with the shoes All about knowing you Im into doing things to keep her longer Stickin together forever, watch it grow stronger Thats the way it has to be, everything proper Keepin it always true And <b>…<b>

Click Bank Buzz

Watch Later Affiliate Marketing Site Helps Connect Affiliates With Affiliate Managersby Stephen Loughlin No views &middot; 1:39. Watch Later Clickbank Spy Buzzby webtrafficgenerator 214 views &middot; 0:36. Watch Later Affiliate Marketing Web Traffic is Targeted Traffic [affiliate marketing targeted traffic]by Yufang Lee 37 views &middot; 1:28. Watch Later Clickbank Buzzby suziphillips 64 views &middot; 1:26. Watch Later Joe Salmons affiliate marketing Video Strategies using Im Buzz Softwareby Joe Salmon 42 views &middot; YouTube home <b>…<b>

Sinfonía del Gato (Miau)

De Coro de niños (Les Petits Chanteurs a la Croix de Bois) interpretando una composición musical singular: Duetto buffo para dos gatos de Gioacchino Rossini. Verdaderos profesionales a pesar de las risas del público.

Emotionz hosting freestyle cipher @Rio Theatre in Van City

Emotionz hosting the freestyle cipher that took place at the Rio Theatre in Vancouver in Dec.2012 during the premier of the Hip Hop documentary Freestyle: The Art of Rhyme (directors cut 2.0). Emotionz maintains structure in this cipher by reminding everyone a golden rule about freestyle ciphers, "A circle is a cipher, a cipher is a circle…everyone gets a turn in a cipher cause a cipher is a circle"…lol – Visit for a full length podcast interview with the films director Kevin Fitzgerald aka DJ Organic. http

The Internet Marketing Song (C’Mon and be an Internet Marketer!) Lyrics: Joe Giddings and Mike L. Silverman Music: Joe Giddings Video and Music Producer: Joe Giddings Ahhh, the Internet Marketing Song (AKA: Cmon and be an Internet Marketer) has been a labor of love for a long time. My goal was to create a little "power-pop" song about everything I learned about Internet Marketing over the last few years. I then wanted to share this song with all my followers on FB, TW and G+. Funny enough, about two years ago I would not have known what any of these lyrics in this song meant. It was by accident in August of 2010 that I stumbled upon Pat Flynns Facebook page called Smart Passive Income. That day changed my life! His blog posts became my personal bible and blueprint on getting out of a business "rut." I expanded my web design business to include Internet marketing and utilize everything I learned from Mr. Flynn to help my clients achieve their goals. In addition I began my own niche site in the "education" field and literally freaked out when I made my first 18 cents in Adsense!!! Also, I am a founding member and SEO Director of a music membership website that provides online music lessons to homeschooled children. I would not be where I am now if it wasnt for stumbling upon Mr. Flynns Facebook page that hot summer. Another person (who happens to be mentioned in the song and was introduced to me in Pats business podcast ) is a gentleman by the name of Corbett Barr from Think Traffic. His mantra "Epic Shit <b>…<b>

Never (Beverly Dr) by Tom Kurlander and PaleBlueSound

"Never (Beverly Dr)" by Tom Kurlander and PaleBlueSound, from the album Sugar Burn Sessions. "Never (Beverly Dr)" Lyrics Never had a good prom Never had a sweet sixteen Never had my breakfast made by my mother for me Never had success but It runs in my family Never had a wedding like Ive seen in the magazines But of all these things I may never do The hardest one I sleep ons never doing you So as long as I breathe As long as youre alive Im never gonna walk down Beverly Dr again Im never gonna walk down Beverly Dr again Im never gonna let you see my eyes again Im never gonna let you wish me well or ask me how Ive been No Im never gonna walk down Beverly Dr again Never held a torch so close to my dignity Never understood what I want from you is me Never held a wish so deep inside Never reached for anything so dawgone high But as long as I breathe as long as your alive Im never gonna walk down Beverly Dr again Im never gonna walk down Beverly Dr again Im never gonna let you see my eyes again Im never gonna let you wish me well or ask me how Ive been No Im never gonna walk down Beverly Dr again Id rather cross down Wilshire or stay up North Fly like an eagle in the skies above So I can see where you are And I can know what you do And I can see who youre kissing Under the very same moon That I held you close with your lips on mine Promised you tomorrow in a valentine No Im never gonna walk down Beverly Dr again Never had a good <b>…<b>


A collaboration of talent together as one. Novecento Lino Nicolosi Pino Nicolosi Dora Nicolosi Rosanna Nicolosi Special EFX Chielli Minucci Jay Rowe Lionel Cordew Jerry Brooks Phillipe Saisse Marc Antione Slimman Matt Marshak Jeff Kashiwa Marcus Anderson Jeff Golub Ken Navarro Chris Standring Mino Cinelo Chris Marshak Greg Adams Tatiana Capelis Aaron Wider Wayne Jones Mike Macarthur Sammy Merindino Carl Anderson

Blaster & Hosting Bass – Spatial Travel

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Blaster & Hosting Bass – Gun Smoke (Original Mix)

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