– Turn iPad into Computer like Windows-Quasar

Quasar is a great new Cydia tweak that has just been released for the iPad. This applicationtweak allows for macwindowslinux like functions for application opening. Apps run in complete coherence at the same time. You can adjust width, orientation, or just full screen. Quasar is available in Cydia for $9.99. Jailbreak iPhone 4 here: Jailbreak iPhone 4S: Repo: How to Install Siri Read more: Save SHSH files Follow Me: Like on Facebook: Follow iTweakTv: $6.99 Unlimited Cpanel

Warcraft III Hosting

I have a Warcraft III Hosting Site. Here it is: (NOTE: Windows XP Demonstration. I do not give Mac support, sorry.) IF THE VIDEO DOES NOT PLAY: TYPE "&fmt=18" at the end of the URL.Ill make some comments to the video. Just click View All Comments to see a text description on how to do this. Link to Portforwarding site: Id also like to share some info on what kind of things can block you from hosting. Router (port forwarding) Modem Firewall (like Windows Firewall) Software (can block other softwareports) For Vista users:(I havent found any problems as for the default settings for Vista. If settings have been manually changed then the software may need to be checked.) Windows Firewall is a bit different on Vista so you need to do something else. First you need to login to Administration Tools with Windows Firewall. Once there you need to configurate inboundoutbound rules for ICMPv6 for routers. Another thing I found that might help: In the Advanced tab of your windows firewall un-check your connection from the box. This will let the firewall know you dont want it to protect your connection. This way you can receive incoming connections. UsernamePassword If you dont know it and the person who set-up the router doesnt know it.. Try looking default usernamepassword for your specific router or you could just reset the router back to default if it is not already at default. There should be a little pen-size hole somewhere that will reset the <b>…<b>

Sean Klitzner Hosting

Heres a little demo of footage I found on the Internet of The American Idol Experience show that I hosted. Twitter- Daily Vlogs!- Facebook- Follow my LIVE Streaming & LIVE Chat Channel!- Subscribe! Then check out some more stuff. OLD SCHOOL GAMING CHANNEL!- Personal Site- IMDB- http Dream Channel- Buy a T-Shirt!- Tags: yt:quality=high Sean Klitzner "Sean Klitzner" SeanKlitzner Weekly Fix Fixify Blog Vlog Sketch Official Parody X Factor "X Factor" XFactor "Steve Jones" Steve Jones Replacement Host Simon Cowell Season Two "Steve Jones (presenter)" "The X Factor (US)" "The X Factor (UK)" Live Radio Presenter "Radio Personality" Personality American Idol "American Idol Experience" Experience "American Idol"