Taal is a classic romantic movie about Manav (Akshaye Khanna), a young and dazzling son of an NRI billionaire (Amrish Puri), who comes to Chamba (Himachal Pradesh) for the first time with his family. There he sees Mansi (Aishwarya Rai), a gifted folk singer and dancer, who flatters him with her beauty. They both fall in love eventually and commit to each other. But one day, when Mansi along with her father Tarababu (Aloknath), who is a highly respected folk singer in Chamba, visit Manavs family in Mumbai, they are insulted and thrown out of the house. Infuriated, Mansi vows that she will become someone to reckon with in Manavs world of ruthless materialism. Mansi meets Vikrant (Anil Kapoor), a music composer and the owner of an entertainment company. She joins him and transforms into a successful singer and dancer. Manav traces Mansis rise to fame and Vikrant helps her achieve it, falling in love with her in the process. Will Mansi be able to get back with Manav? Or will Vikrant be the love of her life?

14 thoughts on “Taal

  1. OK I’m not that into Bollywood, but I have read so many times that Aishwarya is fake. Can some one please tell me why? Is it because she did plastic surgery or something?

  2. Well, thank you for this explanation. It is good to support your family but you also have to be realistic and respectful. Such a shame of that answer about Khans or Bachchans.

  3. yeah thus true family should be the 1st but there are others too… give respect to all humans

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  5. i was watching it n i saw a guy who look like Shahid n thn i had to watch it again to see if it is really shahid kapoor n yes it was Shahid:)

  6. I really loved Anil Kapoor in this movie, both his acting and his character (which I guess resembles real Anil Kapoor as well)…enjoy from 01:23:00

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