SuperMrJordan1 Hosting RDC v2 [MW2]

Patch made by Elite Mossy first Edit DEREKTROTTER Final Edit BigRedDot Leeched by xSkittleModz Hosted by SuperMrJordan1 CoHosted by SuperMrPhilly and oDesign-x who is the recorder recorders channel: CrankUpTheStyL

10 thoughts on “SuperMrJordan1 Hosting RDC v2 [MW2]

  1. Yo m8 no more mw2 cl’z 4 a few months its just getting boring noe sorry :(
    But i stil host cod4 if u want a cod4 lobby add MrCodModdar

  2. make for me pls a cod 4 lobby and mw2 i subed and like but i cant rate bcuse my youtube is buggy add:schizophren

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