Supercroc - watch MORE free movies on http USA (2007) In this non-stop action adventure, an elite military unit must stop a giant reptilian creature from reaching Los Angeles.

17 thoughts on “Supercroc

  1. it wont let me watch it ive tried like 20 times and every time it says i have to upgrade my adobe flashplayer.

  2. Just so dreadful. Who the hell would sponsor filming such total pap!


  3. @manfresh236
    don’t question the reason you can’t watch this one, it’s a blessing in disguise, my friend

  4. awful movie… this movie might be awesome if you scratch out horror and put comedy lol

  5. For a B-movie production… not bad at all. The people from The Asylum film company are real experts making cgi creatures, this movie is pretty entertaining if you like watching sy-fy movies. They should consider showing this movies in Sy-Fy Channel, I think it will make good ratings!!

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