Super Smash Bros. Brawl – Matches with ReaperMage by DatHottneSS (Ninbuzz SSBB Gameplay)

Watch more Smash Bros videos here! – Signup at the Ninbuzz Forums!! – PKSparkxxDatHottneSS here with a series of Brawl matches I had with a member of the NintendoBuzz Forums, ReaperMage. These matches were after a few practice matches from a 3 month hiatus for me and who knows how long for him. Basically, its been awhile since weve both played. We had yellow signal so there was slight lag in the matches but they are still great and funny matches. I hope you enjoy them. Keep a look out for me on NinBuzz. I just may be looking for another Brawl session! REMINDER: I will be hosting a Mario Kart Wii Racing Session on January 7, 2011 at 8pm EST. For more info, you can find it at the link below. Subscribe to me on Youtube for more videos and Lets Play videos from me. Also, follow me on Facebook and Twitter to get updates from me about my videos, some quizzes or just some goofy stuff from me about my life! ►Youtube: ►Facebook: ►Twitter: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Facebook – Twitter – Website –

24 thoughts on “Super Smash Bros. Brawl – Matches with ReaperMage by DatHottneSS (Ninbuzz SSBB Gameplay)

  1. my favorite/main =lucas hated character= captain falcon hardest character to play as = olimar

  2. mains:ike,marth,pikachu;link,toonlink,ness,lucus,pit
    least favoriet peach

  3. I play legend of ZELDA games there are a ton of them so i only am ZELDA and LINK

  4. I am a conjoined twin. me and my sis are stuck together it is hard….. no I do not want to go swimming!

  5. i play as mario, luigi, all Zelda characters, Fire Emblem characters, lucas, lucario, all Star Fox characters, lol i think thats it but this is such a great game, its unfortunate that its laggy online but no biggy, i would love to play against someone : )

  6. My best character is Samus. NO ONE can beat me when I’m playing as Samus.

  7. If you guys like Brawl you should really check out my PARDOY to "Call Me Maybe" I Remixed It TO ‘BRAWL ME MAYBE’ /watch?v=eZ9d73qWpM8 :D It’s A Live Action Mario Bros. Series too AND I ALSO HAVE A SSBB INTERACTIVE GAME TOO!!!!

  8. My most hated character is Pit or Pikachu. And my favorite Brawl character is either Snake or Ike

  9. My favorite is: Snake, Luigi, Ike, Cpt. falcon, and Toon Link.
    My Hated characters are Lucario, and Diddy Kong.

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