25 thoughts on “Steve Martin hosting the Oscars®

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  2. why does this have dislikes.. i mean so many i know some people just do it but this was great.

  3. steve martin is awsome but i wish ricky gervais hosted the oscar for once there goes hollywood lol

  4. Does anyone know where it was I saw Steve Martin do an acceptance speech where he thanks a list of gibberish names?

    I have a feeling he was on stage with maybe Goldie Hawn, who was in fits of laughter as he came out with names like, Maffarafar Huffenwoofer, but I’m damned if I can find it.

    Any ideas anyone?

  5. "Everyone is thinking the same thought: that we’re all gay."

    Yep, pretty much.

  6. @ng1493 Danny DeVito, her husband was a producer for Erin Brockovich so he was nominated in the Best Picture category.

  7. Boring, irrelevant, ridiculous. Every time they laughed you could almost hear their wishful thinking. "Please let it stop". Usually they want the monologue to be over so that they can see if they won but this time they just wanted it to be over.

  8. What does he mean by making love to a beautiful woman is something I only get to do when Bill Kristol is out of town?

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