Start A Website in 10 minutes for just $15 – First Month Free Hosting

Visit HostGator (affiliate link) Current Coupon Codes: HGATORSALE = 25% off STARTAWEBSITEFREE= First Month Free STARTAWEBSITE25 = 25% off In this video you will see how easy it is to start a webstie from scratch. In just 10 minutes of work and for only $15 you can create a website or blog. You dont need to know any code or have any fancy or expensive programs. Well use HostGator and WordPes to host a powerful, well designed site. Youll learn how to start a website or build your blog. WordPress allows you to install 1000s of free website themes to give your site an awesome design without having to do any design work.

3 thoughts on “Start A Website in 10 minutes for just $15 – First Month Free Hosting

  1. I’m not positive that it directly effects your search engine rankings, however, I’m willing to wager that it does have some impact. Free hosts fall victim to spammers creating bad sites on their servers which Google doesn’t like.

    Furthermore, if you search any competitive keyword in Google, do you see (for example) in the results? Most likely…No. There are a number of other reasons why a paid host and domain name is better than a free one.

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