Star Wars Battlefront 3 Update Ep 5 : Play with Tuggie! : PAX/GC : Domains Part 1

Some interesting news we got here. Get ready to play SWB with Tuggie this Saturday, 8pm - 10 US MST! :D Ask our podcast questions: Join the Gloom Walkers Guild! : Listen to the podcast on iTunes: Gloom Walkers Talk

24 thoughts on “Star Wars Battlefront 3 Update Ep 5 : Play with Tuggie! : PAX/GC : Domains Part 1

  1. @TuggieGameReviews no no dude im just talking man its just been so long i’ve been playing battlefront this is taking so long to develope

  2. @DJkidc1 oh lol; it’s pretty normal though for games to take forever; we just hear about them like when they’re almost done lol

  3. @TuggieGameReviews 0_O I’m officially calling Battlefront 3….. Star Wars Battlefront Forever! 0_O

  4. although i realize this likely wont happpen for another4-5 years, what happens if the game doesnt come before microsoft rolls out another console??

  5. I was thinking about the url owned by lucas arts when you mentioned the old republic having its own domain which got me thinking that maybe lucas arts is banking on swbf3 being their next "flagship" game so to speak.

  6. It was funny, when I saw the Star Wars Who Cares Kinect game at E3, I thought it was the unannounced project from Spark. I almost shot myself in the head, but then I realized Spark is still working in the project…

  7. this better not be like duke nukem forever took them 10 years and the game was not that great i thought i would have fun with it but i got bored after 30 minutes and multyplayer suks

  8. lucas will leave it till fall 2012. at least thats what l would do if l were him. blu ray editions are due soon off the films and the old republic is out on pc in a little while, as well as the on rails slap em up for kinect that hopefully will bomb, which in turn will cause fans to shout all the louder for battlefront 3.

  9. if they wont make a new one, at least they should remake the second and somewhat update the engine and online gameplay and put it on ps3 the ORIGIONAL SYSTEM IT WAS RELEASED ON! lol just kidding, but seriously thay could update the second and sell it on ps3 and x box online store! if they do make a new one nevermind this idea!

  10. @wrestlingking360 Did you even watch the video "wrestlingking" lol, look listen first, then comment or watch my other videos if you don’t like this game. sheesh.

  11. @wrestlingking360 AsI say to anyone that critcizes these videos, if you can do better then I’ll be waiting to see yours.

  12. @wrestlingking360 uh, the videos are for something to watch while he speaks on BF3. We all know it’s LEGO Star Wars, I’m here for the info. You are here to troll and bring the average IQ of the viewers down more than a few points…douchebag.

  13. @chickineese Old Republic is only for PC. Not PS3 and Xbox 360. By the way, it’s not made by Spark.

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