Soul Eater Opening 2 Paper moon

El opening 2 de Soul Eater abarcaria del cap 30 hasta el cap 50 ya que el 51 no tiene opening

23 thoughts on “Soul Eater Opening 2 Paper moon

  1. When I was watching the episode (I think the last one), when Soul was unconcious I was all THIS GOES AGAINST EVERYTHING I KNOW!!!! SOUL IS SUPPOSED TO HOLD MAKA!!!

  2. its a Girl , Medusa says that in her battle against Krona
    I think she said something like "My little girl.. "

  3. Now I don’t know how to deal with this because now I know what’s gonna happen??

  4. Do you want to know where the real hell is hiding? It’s inside your head.

  5. It’s too dark I don’t know how to deal with that!! – Crona ,,,,,,, Is the picture frame hanging a centimeter more over to the right????? NNNNOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! – Kid

  6. Dammit I haven’t finished the series yet due to slow internet and me watching fairy tail too..ugh I don’t know how to deal with that…I’m such trash..I don’t deserve to live!!!!

  7. love soul eater…….i like preety much every anime i ever saw :D

  8. Yeah what of it? Oh and guess what… I love Soul Eater Evens. But all my friends call me Maka. Soul is the coolest guy in the anime and the coolest guy at the dwma! Its just like twilights team edward and jacob. im team Maka!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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