Social Media Marketing Strategy Explained – Inside The Mind Ep. 1

Join Me On My Blog: Click to RT Hey Whats up Guys and welcome to the first episode of Inside the Mind where we talk about in Online Marketing Strategy what it is, why its important and Why you should care. With this being the first episode and all that, lets talk about what makes an online marketing strategy and more importantly what does not. Now if you run a business, or if youre the marketing person in your company, at some point you may have had a conversation that sounds something like this "We need to get a Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, blog, email newsletter" "Ok" Then you go out and you create a profile on said platform, and start talking about the stuff you sell. And this is what ends up happening. (crickets chirping) Ok Ok, Ill cut you some slack, maybe, thats not the case. Maybe you have all of these things and people are talking to you On a regular basis. (Yay!) But when you ask for a sale... (crickets chirping) Now a lot of businesses are just throwing stuff out there and seeing what sticks. And what many more is create one thing, and only distribute that through multiple channels. Sometimes it sticks, sometimes it doesnt, but either way this isnt social media strategy, this is social media vomit. (bleh...) I mean, when it comes down to it all, the main reason anyone looks at huge a time suck like Facebook, (clicking through facebook photos) or as hyperactive as Twitter (tweetdeck sped up) and says <b>...<b>

22 thoughts on “Social Media Marketing Strategy Explained – Inside The Mind Ep. 1

  1. Loved this Tommy (as well as all of your content rich information)! I had trouble hearing this video. Did you have any other feedback like this, or is it just my system (or ears!)? Thanks for your great information.

  2. @wisewomancarole Thanks so much carole. No worries, it’s not you, it’s me when it comes to the sound, so don’t get new speakers or invest in hearing aids yet.

    This was an issue for the first video and first video only, both the sound, and the aspect ratio for the video have been corrected for episode 2 and beyond.

    Thanks so much for tuning in :-) I hope you subscribed so you can be among the first to know when the next video comes out.

  3. brilliant! Now what makes it brilliant? Samples. I am not even talking about the entertaining part.

  4. @klimadesigngroup Ah thank you so much! There’ll be plenty more of that in the future too!

  5. Love this Tommy, you are give such great content and I love your sense of humour. You have sparked some ideas for me.

  6. @NickyKriel That’s so awesome to hear! Do you mind my asking what? I’d love to watch your progress :-)

  7. Awesome job ! love the content, cuts, all abt it!

    Keep it up!

    Vitoria (from VTA)

  8. @WealthWithVitoria Thanks so much! If you don’t mind my asking, how’d you discover the video?

  9. @tommyisastrategist Love the way you cut screen shots into your talking head shots and kept it lively with different techniques.

  10. @tommyisastrategist I’m also from the Video Traffic Academy :) James Wedmore posted your video so all of us could see a good example of how to offer goo content being engaging. You Rock!

  11. @WealthWithVitoria Oh cool! I logged into the members area and didn’t see anything. Is it the group that’s on Facebook? I’d like to stop by and say thank you :-)

  12. I loved this. There was some aesthetic things I would tweak and I would turn up the volume just a smidge (saw that you got that fixed for future vid already, in comments section). WELL DONE! ::jets over to twitter to retweet::

  13. @SkylerSweetTV Thanks so much Skyler! Yeah the production quality of the videos only gets better from here on out. :-)

    Question, only because you’re a youtuber… would you be willing to leave a video response on this, as it will tell youtube and google that this is a video worth ranking higher :-)

  14. Really great stuff Tommy! Great style and energy…volume is a bit low, but I take it you fixed that!

  15. @gwjmateo Thanks a bunch! And yeah, we’ve got that fixed for future episodes :-P

  16. This is great. You give so much informative information. I cant wait to see the other episodes. I cant wait to learn more from this…great job

  17. Great, Tommy! Loved the DeStorm example. Informative, funny and EASY TO UNDERSTAND!
    Keep ’em coming!

  18. @MichiLantz Will do! Just curious, did you subscribe so you know when the new ones come out?

  19. @amiefranke Hey amie, there are a few new videos live, hadn’t seen you in the comments so I thought I’d give you a heads up :-)

  20. Very informative, creative and engaging. I am looking forward to watching more of your stuff, which is why I subscribed!

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