SNL Maya Rudolph, Chris Brown, Oscars, DWTS Cast, Dance Moms, Q’Viva, Smash, Footloose

Maya Rudolph returns to Saturday Night Live to host and dances in her opening monologue, What Up With That and The Obama Show. Chris Brown releases his new video, "Turn Up the Music," featuring choreography by Rich + Tone and Flii Stylz. Hollywood rolls out the red carpet for the 84th Academy Awards, hosted by Billy Crystal and with a performance by Cirque du Soleil. Joseph Birdsong gives us his Oscar predictions. Dancing with the Stars prepares to announce their cast for season 14. Todrick Hall give us his FYI recap for this weeks episode of Dance Moms. Jennifer Lopez, Marc Anthony and Jamie King conduct an international talent search for their new FOX show, QViva! The Chosen. A Honey 2 Blu-RayDVD giveaway from Just Dance, as well as a Footloose Blu-RayDVD giveaway– including one copy signed by Blake Shelton! Luan Legacy recaps episode 3 of NBCs Smash. Plus, Lauren Gottlieb makes a big announcement! Joseph – Todrick – Luan – DanceOns Footloose Blu-rayDVD Contest – And check out the details about the Footloose Lets Dance Contest: Paramount Home Media Distribution is giving fans of the hit film Footloose the chance to win a dance inspired by the movie for their school! Just visit to vote for your school, then tell all of your friends and tweet using the #Footloose hashtag to earn extra votes. You can vote once a day and even download posters on Facebook to put up at your school and <b>…<b>

18 thoughts on “SNL Maya Rudolph, Chris Brown, Oscars, DWTS Cast, Dance Moms, Q’Viva, Smash, Footloose

  1. My favorite Honey 2 clip was where Casper Smart teaches the viewers how to do one of the dances from the film. I’m subscribed to this channel to keep up with the dance world, and to LEARN about dance; it’s always fun to get a mini-lesson from one of the industry’s best.

  2. i chose Honey 2 – Set It On Fire – Official Dance Scene it not just one style its a mix of styles its entertaining and makes you want to get on your feet and dance all day every day . this is why i chose this video :)

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