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Hey Guys, a very Minor update to my Patch, the Shader :) Also Id like to see some comments of what you think Im pissing from Patch that could go in for Next Updates! :) Thanks – All Help Appreciated Horrox Fox- Hieroglyphics His Channel –

23 thoughts on “Small Update | AI Zombies Hosting | HepticOnline

  1. :O I will bro, thanks, And I’ll probably upload it tomorrow, oh and btw, Do you have a skype? If so, What is it? Pm me it bro!

  2. dude… you’re not allowed to edit ai zombies unless you get permission from silent.. there is even a disclaimer that says it… ughhhh

  3. this is bloody amazing , i sent you a skype request , add me on psn : mo9710 … i love your vids (and you) no homo

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