(Sign up ended)Beyblade Tournament #1 Hosting

Rules of joining the tournament: 1.Subscribe to me (if you want) 2.Comment for your Beyblade combo to join (each user can only join once only) 3.BBC and BBG is not allowed (except the tracks and botto

23 thoughts on “(Sign up ended)Beyblade Tournament #1 Hosting

  1. u have entered:)
    I let sebram30 enter because me+23 entered users
    24 people can make a easier knock out tournament
    now is really sign up ended

  2. not to be rude but are you going to do a video for this tournament ?

  3. hey i cant make the tournament cause something came up for me. you can give one more slot if its possible, i hope everyone can have a great time at the tournament and may the best blader win!

  4. Can you fill in all entries please, I want to see who i’m up against! =D

  5. Hello, our name is BeyBladeKnowItAlls and we do Epic Battles like 3 and 4 way battles. We are going to do unboxing, BeyBlade combinations, techniques and BeyBlade strategy’s with certain beys. Please check our channel out when you get the chance. Thanks for taking the time to read this.

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