Setting Up a Custom Domain: SmugMug Tutorial A brief guide on how to set up a custom hostname for your SmugMug website. SmugMug will always be there for you, but we dont have to be in your URL. With just a few quick steps, you can set up a custom domain to point right to your site. If you dont already own a domain, the first step is acquiring one. Weve joined up with GoDaddy to make this a breeze – Head over to Search for an available domain name, proceed through the checkout process, and well automatically handle the technical stuff . Once youre purchase is complete, login to your SmugMug account, and navigate to the STYLE section of your account settings. Enter your new custom domain using the www, no need for the http part, and SAVE CHANGES. Yup, its that simple! HEY NOW, I ALREADY OWN A CUSTOM DOMAIN! To point an existing domain to your SmugMug website, you need to change two settings in the DNS editor at your domain host, the A RECORD and the CNAME. Every domain host has a different way of presenting these settings so you may have to dig a little, but the place you need to get to is the Advanced DNS or ZONE FILE editor. Once youve accessed the correct section, locate the A RECORD, or A HOST. Set this, with the @ sign, to point at our domain server IP address, which is Be sure you have only one A RECORD in place or the domain will not redirect properly. Then set the CNAME – add www in the host field, and in the <b>…<b>

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  1. You guys should do some giveaways on here. I mean there is the free info which is great but you know. I really just want a free pro account for like´╗┐ a year lol.

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