Seth Price Interview with Domain Name Broker Andrew Rosener – Placester

Seth Price of interviews Andrew Rosener, domain broker and CEO of, on what makes domain names so valuable and how to choose the right one. According to Rosener "I think that the Internet is still in its infancy. Were really only 15-20 years into mainstream Internet and thats young, a very young industry still. At the very center of it is URLs, domain names. I think that the analogy is very clear between physical brick and mortar real estate and Internet real estate, domain names, and I think that analogy will become more clear as we progress over the next five years. Guys like me and guys like most of my clients, who own a lot of these premium domain names, are kind of like the guys that went West and bought up all the land in California before the rest of the people went out, you know, started moving out West."