Seth MacFarlane Hosting Oscars – Jack Black Not Happy?

Was actor and Tenacious D frontman Jack Black serious when he ripped Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane (who will be hosting the Oscars)? Pop Trigger breaks it down. Subscribe to Pop Trigger: Samantha Schacher: Nikki Limo: Jason Horton: Brett Erlich: Read the Jack Black interview with Katie Van Syckle in Vulture:

19 thoughts on “Seth MacFarlane Hosting Oscars – Jack Black Not Happy?

  1. Seems like the videos are limited on timeframe so strictly that opinions end up stifled and rushed…leaving little time for truly humorous jokes/moments…even though Brett finds a way to squeeze it in so well…I feel others will struggle to find his concise timing. Perhaps take away 1 panel member so the 3 remaining members of the panel each get a little more talk time

  2. Seth MacFarlane is far more tolerable than Jack Black. I dunno why he thinks he’s an intelligent comic of some sort, he is exactly what MacFarlane made fun of – It was barely an exaggeration at best. Black is just loud and annoying, I’m happy to NOT see him in so many movies this year. At least other previously annoying-loud ‘comedic actors’ tried to broaden their horizons, even if they still suck (Will Ferrell, Seth Rogan, Steve Carell, etc.)

  3. Seth McFarlane is an awesome host, especially for his comic stand up on "The Roast of"

  4. What a bunch of morons! Jack Blacks never been serious in his life and he’s a thousand times funnier than McFarlane!!

  5. Why is Jack Black discussing Comedy?? He’s not even a comedian, let alone funny.
    Seth Mcfarlane has more comedy-skills in his left nut, then the amount of times Jack Black thinks it’s funny to yell; YEAAAH!!

  6. I’m going to watch the Oscars BECAUSE Seth is hosting! Family Guy is the best show on TV.

  7. For some reason the host of this show seems to be a completely humourless and utterly boring person.

  8. Yeah especially as one of them could only manage 3, and meow isn’t even a real world.

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