Session 1 – The Principles of Internet Marketing and SEO This coming Friday, the 13th of January, is Session number 1 of 4 in my new seminar called Real Estate Web Strategy Success. The training was designed for the Real Estate Training Institute led by Kevin Ahearn. The video I am enclosing focuses on giving you a feel for the topics I will cover in session One called: The Principles of Internet Marketing and SEO. These are the principals that get many Real Estate agents in trouble because the terms seem plain, but very few practitioners put them together in a cohesive whole. In order to layer an Internet Marketing Strategy one has to cohesively integrate the following ideas: SEO, Blogs, Social Media, Web Services, IDX Solutions, Landing pages, Video SEO, Lead Capture, Listing Syndication, MLS Marketing, and Direct Response Marketing. Each idea on its own is not difficult, but a stratgeic integration of the whole is the biggest challenge. Short Description for Session #1: 1. The Principles of Internet Marketing and SEO: And No, Marketing on The Internet is not Internet Marketing! Real Estate Agents advertise to drive customers to them, and many still do -- but it is getting harder. What is it that you must master in "Search Marketing" so you continue to be the one Sellers and Buyers love to work with. You must go beyond understanding the psychology of your customers -- you must also become familiar with the thinking of Search Engines and Ranking. It is this lack of deep understanding of the internet that <b>...<b>