SEO Tips – Keyword Domain Name – Website Marketing

In this Video we explain the important of a website containing the keyword in the domain name. We website will and does rank in the top 5 on Yahoo and Google when you own the search term .Com. Here are the series of steps to take for Top Rank out the Door! Step1) Sign up for a Free (dedicated just for marketing) Google Gmail Account - Be sure to create a username with your main website topic KEYWORDPHRASE!!! in the username (Example: buycosmetics or bestcostemics for a username if you are going to be selling cosmetics) . Go to yahoo and hotmail and repeat this procedure, using the same password or closest keyword phrase username available, for all 3 of the email usernames email addresses. Save all email usernames and passwords in a new notepad file. Step 2) Domain Keyword Analysis - Open a blank notepad file. Use the Google adwords keyword tool to find the highest searched KEYWORD PHRASE .COM domain name. Check both the singular and plural version of the KEYWORD PHRASE .COM that best matches your subject matter. Make a note of which key word phrase gets the most searches: Singular or Plural. This will be the main URL and domain you will use for hosting. Also copy the top ten associated keyword phrase results paste it into a notepad. Save your notepad file as bestkeywordphrase.txt. Step3) Domain Purchase - Register and buy both the singular and plural versions of your KEYWORD PHRASE .COM domain names from your saved keyword analysis. Use your Google marketing e-mail <b>...<b>