SEO Sheffield Grab Google page1 with Ninja Sheffield SEO.

SEO Sheffield. are a Sheffield SEO consultancy with a unique approach. This video explains http .We provide a complete local web optimisation service. We get our clients multiple page 1 Google listings. We do this by getting them to rank on page 1 for a website, a Google Places page and a Youtube video. We also build facebook websites so that the message of your business can spread virally as your customers "like" your page 0:30 A sample Facebook site. We use traditional SEO,local SEO and Youtube optimisation to ensure our clients get multiple page 1 Google listings. 1:10 Client has 4 out the top 5 places on Google page 1 . That business is ranking for The web site, the video, the Google places page and the Youtube channel. You dont pay anything until youre on page 1 so its totally risk free. We only do 1 business per category per town, so if you want it to be your business that dominates Googles front page fill in your details on the form this link takes you to

6 thoughts on “SEO Sheffield Grab Google page1 with Ninja Sheffield SEO.

  1. Impressive, appears to be a new approach for ranking from video content, Google search and places pages. Can you always get multiple rankings for the most competitive industries?

  2. Looks good I’ve been to your website, very informative. How long does it take to get places pages and videos ranked? Is it the same as a website or quicker or slower?

  3. Looks like a great idea. Getting to number 1 on google must be a great boost to any company’s profile and potential client base. Going to watch the full video now to decide my next steps!

  4. @JamesClarkeish
    Places pages can be very quick to rank if they already exist and just need to be claimed. If they are being built from scratch there is a longer delay as you need to wait for an activation code from Google. Video varies and generally takes longer the more competitive the market.

  5. @Helpintowork
    Generally speaking the more competitive an industry the more work needs to done, so it’s usually possible but just takes longer.

  6. Web Fire. Get on page 1 with 7 minute SEO… bit. ly/ Ignite WebFire (remove spaces)

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