Sell My House – Single Property Websites from Property Domains Is "how should I sell my house" a question you are asking yourself right now? Or perhaps you property is already on the market but you are struggling to sell it? Is it getting lost amongst the thousands of other properties that are advertised on the huge online real estate websites? Well, there is a way, that doesnt involve changing your real estate agent, that is amazing value and that requires you to do almost nothing! This one thing will make your property stand out from the crowd, capture your potential buyers attention and keep them focused on your property alone, without the distraction of hundreds of neighboring properties for them to explore. At Property Domains, we have developed an application that will build you a unique single property website, just to showcase your property. A site where the website name matches your home address, so its simple for buyers to search for AND view. - Its like having your own permanent premium listing on one of the big real estate sites but at a fraction of the price. Because we work with your existing agent, we can get all your property information from them to build the site. Included with your website, we provide attachments for your existing For Sale board that show, not only your properties website address that can be typed into any web browser, but also the latest technology in the form of a unique QR code, that provides a direct link for anyone with an iPhone or other mobile device to check out <b>...<b>

24 thoughts on “Sell My House – Single Property Websites from Property Domains

  1. We’ve been using them for a couple of months now and once we’ve pointed the buyers to the sites, they’ve loved them.

  2. Yep, rental properties no problem and make good sense, have the site made then you can promote it each time the property comes up for a change of rental

  3. Contact us through the website in the description and we’ll work something out

  4. Definately, great for holiday lets, once the site is live, you can display weekly/daily rental information and link to it from any other website you might be advertising on.

  5. We do have different colour templates and are working on a pick your own colour scheme.

  6. We’ll soon have a generator on the blog pages of our site, in the meantime, just google free qr code generator

  7. You can send us an image that we’ll make into a header for you or we can make a generic one for you.

  8. Hi, yes there were some US sites but I understand there were problems with adding phone numbers as they only accepted numbers laid out as they are in the USA. Thanks for the comment

  9. That’s right, it’s not easy to sell at the moment, unless you live in Gladstone or somewhere else that property prices are booming. We aimed to make them accessible whether you have a million dollar property or a $100k property.

  10. With the number of people using smart phones now, it makes sense that you can show your property to anyone who is driving by, the vast majority of house hunters will never contact an agent on the off chance the property might be right for them. At least this way you can get a good idea before you commit to contacting the agent

  11. We like to say affordable and value for money rather than cheap! but thanks anyway!

  12. That’s our idea, compared to the cost of advertising in the property pages which end up in the rubbish bin within a couple of days, these sites represent great value as you can keep them as for as long or short a time as it takes your property to sell.

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