Self Hosting Karaoke on a touchscreen like you’ve never seen.

Click on the "Show more" tab just below this text to download demo software. This is a short introduction to my Self Hosting Computerized Karaoke software. AKA SHOCK or SHCK. It runs an entire Karaoke show just like a live host would. However no host is needed. Its all built right in to the software. This is my first You tube video and Id like some comments about it and some feedback on my software. You can download my Karaoke software here : Id like to tell you about a revolutionary software that brings affordable Karaoke to club owners everywhere. This software (along with your computer) puts on a professional Karaoke show just like a live host would, without the costs of a host to run the show. There is nothing else like this software anywhere on the planet. It will make you money and keep your cost to an absolute minimum. At the same time it provides quality entertainment for your establishment unlike anything youve ever imagined. You can try this revolutionary software and evaluate it 30 days for free. For the cost of a single night of typical Karaoke you can purchase my software and run Karaoke in your club forever without the additional costs of a live host. Im the developer of this software and Ive spent years refining this system. Ive been a professional musician, a professional Karaoke host and a software developer for many years. Ive taken all that I know in each of these fields and used that knowledge to create this unique software <b>…<b>

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  1. I’m getting a lot of inqueries about the hardware needed to put together one of these systems. If you click on the (moreinfo) link at the top right hand side of this page you’ll see a link to download the software. I just added a document to this link that you can download too. It will show you all the hardware needed to build one of these Self Hosting Karaoke systems. The document is called Recommended hardware for SHCK.pdf.
    To download the actual trial software grab the SHCKsetup.exe file.

  2. This setup does not give control to the customer at all. It just allows them to search and then sign up for a song on their own. Everything else can be controlled by a bartender through a master control panel. This software automatically arranges the singers in perfect rotation. I agree a good host cannot be replaced. This is mainly geared toward smaller bars that don’t have $200 a night to spend on a great host. .

  3. FYI the bar I have one of these systems in was just awarded the peoples choice for Karaoke hot spots in the Riverfront Times. It’s a local paper here in St. Louis. People love this setup.

  4. I’m a little bit worried on this , It might sound the same as what you have in this video. it sucks!!

  5. LOL. I’m certainly not a professional voice-over talent that’s for sure. That’s why I’ve made the software totally configurable so that you can change the voices, music and a host of other aspects in the program to make it your own. Use your own voice, music and company information within the application to give it a whole new look, sound and feel. Give it a try.

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