Selecting the best Domain Name Part 3 -- Selecting the best domain name for your business is one of the critical first steps for your online business. Domain names are important business assets today as these can greatly influence search engines and traffic generation. In the absence of an effective domain name, the full potential of your online business may never be noticed. This training session will help you to determine the best domain name for your business (Part 3 of 4). Table of Contents ----------------------- Domain NameTip #4 Age Matters! -- 0:16 Domain NameTip #5: Use Keywords! -- 3:32 Domain NameTip #6: Can Use Numbers and Hypens! -- 5:00 Domain NameTip #7: Can use Sub Domains! -- 9:04 Domain NameTip #8: Upper & Lower Case Dont Matter! -- 12:22 Links -------- Launch2Success Website: Launch2Success YouTube Channel Launch2Success Blog: Launch2Success Facebook Launch2Success Twitter: