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Heres a little demo of footage I found on the Internet of The American Idol Experience show that I hosted. Twitter- Daily Vlogs!- Facebook- Follow my LIVE Streaming & LIVE Chat Channel!- Subscribe! Then check out some more stuff. OLD SCHOOL GAMING CHANNEL!- Personal Site- IMDB- http Dream Channel- Buy a T-Shirt!- Tags: yt:quality=high Sean Klitzner "Sean Klitzner" SeanKlitzner Weekly Fix Fixify Blog Vlog Sketch Official Parody X Factor "X Factor" XFactor "Steve Jones" Steve Jones Replacement Host Simon Cowell Season Two "Steve Jones (presenter)" "The X Factor (US)" "The X Factor (UK)" Live Radio Presenter "Radio Personality" Personality American Idol "American Idol Experience" Experience "American Idol"

24 thoughts on “Sean Klitzner Hosting

  1. I was lucky enough to have Sean as a host when I performed in The American Idol Experience in January 2009. He’s a great host & a funny guy! Wish you all the best in the future, my friend!

  2. congrats on all the work your getting, you deserve all of it man! keep it up! your fans love you!

  3. dude your awesome! I just don’t know why you have sucha little audience on your gaming channel

  4. I went to the American Idol Experience at Hollywood Studios the other day and you weren’t there and I cried, but not really, but I wanted to….

  5. I saw you in a Verizon commercial. IT WAS AWESOME!!! Too bad Verizon sucks. Go to Sprint Sean! Sprint! Return from the dark side.

  6. If you go to his channel, it says videos were uploaded 42 years ago. Did I just time travel by accident?

  7. @CaramelWorldPeace I was about to say is this the dude from the VZW commercial lol

  8. like if you were watching the football game yesterday and you saw him in the verizon commercial:D
    *me watching tv*
    *verizon commercial comes on*
    Me: AAAAAAHHHHH SEAN KLITZNER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    mom: ……who?
    Me: >____________>

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