"Rules for Online Marketing Beginners" with Eben Pagan

6 essential rules for online marketing beginners. Full with examples of websites, designs & tips that have been proven time and time again to draw in customers quickly. Marketing beginners should follow these rules of thumb to make sure you dont get outside the balance and inadvertently screw up. Two font typefaces, three max; but try to stick with two. Two font sizes, three max; again try to stick with two. Two colors, three max; but try to stick with two. Make them complementary colors that work together. Not just two that you like. Two alignments, three max. Align hard left, for you, align hard left. That line gives a very solid feeling. Your eye knows where to go, and follows it, very clear. Dont center, hard left and dont justify left and right; justify left. And make your mantra: Clarity not Beauty; Clarity not Beauty.