ROBIN VAN PERSIE finding old friends and almost hosting a welcome party for Ex-Arsenal Team mates

RVP greets ex Arsenal Team Mates, his first meeting for his new team Manchester United. Warm Friendly reception as he walks the Arsenal line greeting and finding old friends. Like he was hosting a welcoming party..

20 thoughts on “ROBIN VAN PERSIE finding old friends and almost hosting a welcome party for Ex-Arsenal Team mates

  1. He’s only a cu** coz he left the team saying we don’t want trophies…. Pfftt ok robin… So he went to MAN-U -.- apparently were not trying for trophies… Ok that’s why we bought; PODOLSKI, GIROUD and CAZORLA

  2. …. Giroud as replacement for RvP…. Cazorla is the only good player out of those 3. He is really good. But Arsenal is no longer even a top 4 team.

  3. wow i was really amaze by how ars fan believe in what Mr.Wenger and the club board said and forgot what they’ve done??? 8 years RVP played for ARS… and what they do??? no title, no good contract and selling their best player for money… u guys are being used, think about it, they are great club, great manager… but things change, ARS is no longer a team that can fit in the top spot of the league anymore

  4. Why are people licking Sagna’s arse? He’s on the last year of his contract and is refusing to sign a new deal…..

  5. I understand why there are lots of hatred comment towards RVP. But for god’s sake, this guy is professional, he shows great sportsmanship and respect to his old teammates unlike nasri who spoke ill things about his old club. RVP didnt come to MAN UTD because of money and i bet he still has a heart for Arsenal. For the fans, i understand the nature of competition, but let’s not spread the hate, instead, show respect to others. And for Sagna, i hope he will sign the extension and stay with Arsenal

  6. Maybe but he is not that special and decisive player.. u’ll see it at least against barça in ucl..

  7. He is special and decisive. It doesn’t take a game against Barca to prove that. He already has been decisive many times. Besides, as I remember, he once scored a very special goal against Barca. I don’t see what’s the point in denying. It doesn’t really change reality.

  8. mabey the arsenal players know the things he disagreed with wenger about in more detail and therefore understand why he left

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