Review: Magento Hosting $4 On A Hostgator Shared Server Most people believe Magento hosting requires a shared server. In my experience that is not true! My large magento store runs great on cheap hosting package from Hostgator. In my experience this is best Magento web hosing and also the most cheap magento hosting — Yout cant beat it for the price. They are a fast magento host too. My site with 12000 skus runs great. See more about this cheap hosting for magento at my site below.

4 thoughts on “Review: Magento Hosting $4 On A Hostgator Shared Server

  1. Yeah a brand new site with no traffic that no one uses. I’m sure it works fine. For now…

  2.  If you’re right I am wasting a lot of money on my magento hosting. Close to 200 a month for dedicated. that would be a nice savings.

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