Remodeling Marketing Webinar No BS Internet Marketing, 2nd Chance Webinar 7 27 12 10 59 AM

A Plain English Discussion About How To Increase Internet Sales 2 to 10 Times... This Is The Webinar Where It Will All FINALLY Make Sense. Everyone knows Internet marketing is important—but the fact is that almost 100% of remodeling companies are severely under-leveraging their internet marketing efforts. You have a great looking website? Fantastic. Youre 10% of the way to success. The other 90% isnt about being pretty—its about being SMART. Internet failure comes in 3 major flavors; all of which will be identified—and SOLVED—in this webinar. The easiest way to describe these problems is to use fishing metaphors: 1) No poles in the water at all; 2) Poles in the water, but in the wrong part of the river; and 3) using the wrong bait. Internet marketing success is simple, achievable, and essential. If youre falling short, youre essentially IGNORING THE MOST EAGER PROSPECTS (ones who are actively looking for a remodeler) and spending your time, money, and attention on less immediately viable prospects (through off-line advertising). Your marketing strategy should be #1 -- Capturing Now Buyers From The Internet, and #2 -- Everything Else. In that order. Learn how on this webinar. What You Will Learn • Why theres such a huge gap between how great everyone thinks the internet is and how poorly its actually performing for most remodelers • Why capturing internet leads and sales should be your companys TOP marketing priority • The fundamental enhancement you MUST make to <b>...<b>