Rational Expressions and Domain

Rational Expressions and Domain. In this video, I find the domain of 3 different rational expressions that have quadratic expressions in the denominator.

22 thoughts on “Rational Expressions and Domain

  1. hey patrick, i have a question: why is the numerator of a rational expression considered irrelevant?

  2. i have another question: for the third example, why couldn’t it be factored? the x was squared so why not factor the x squared plus 1?

  3. yea last one is not possible if you try it out
    x2+1)(x2-1 – wrong
    x2+1)(x2+1 – wrong
    x2-1)(x2-1 – wrong
    it wont solve out

  4. I UNDERSTAND!!!! my college PROFESSOR < Mr PatrickJMT . So easy to comprehend and easy to listen to. Very specific and explain all steps…A+++++++++++

  5. thank you thank you thank you
    would you happen to have a video on problems like x-3/2x+1?

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