Rage News – Xbox 720, Draw Something CBS Show, Watch Dogs Movie Domains, And More!

Hello! And welcome to a new edition of Rage News! I am your host, smokymcpotbot, and in this episode I cover many articles! Enjoy! Special Video For The Subscribers - www.youtube.com Juice & Plops Happy Hour NOW With Rage!!! - juiceplop.libsyn.com Times - Its under 20 minutes, no times this time!!! Articles - Rumor Microsoft Document Details Xbox 720 - www.gameinformer.com Draw Something Television Show Coming To CBS - www.gameinformer.com Ubisoft Already Buying Up Watch Dogs Movie Domains - www.gameinformer.com See Spider-Man Run Free In Manhattan - www.gameinformer.com Some Of The Biggest Publishers In Social Network Gaming Are Backing Away From Google Plus - www.gameinformer.com God Of War Ascension Collectors Edition Appears On Amazon - www.gameinformer.com Black Ops II Getting Dedicated PC Servers - www.gameinformer.com