PS3 MW3 XP Lobby | Hosted By xMotionxExotic & BLOoDyxHaCHet |

Whats up guys xMotionxExotic & BLOoDyxHaCHet, Today we bring you grate news to all ps3 users. We are now hosting Xp lobbies Recoveries for Mw3 on the newest update 1.23 so thats means that this is a non bypass xp lobby. There is a fee of either a $20 PSN Card or $20 via Paypal. You will go up to 20th prestige on 2 accounts and thats it. Dont forget to comment, like, and subscribe (Its Free). ______________________________________________________________ All Credits Goes To Choco For His Hard Work At This & For Releasing It To Everyone, And To Make All This Possible! Hes Boss! Thread: _______________________________________________________________ Xp Lobby Account Xp Mw3 ! _______________________________________________________________ Like, Comment, & Subscribe!