[ PS3 ] Hosting Free Online GTA IV Mod’s [ Derektrotter ]

MY CLANS YOUTUBE LINK: www.youtube.com UPDATED VIDEO: www.youtube.com CREDITS: Derektrotter four hosting :)

24 thoughts on “[ PS3 ] Hosting Free Online GTA IV Mod’s [ Derektrotter ]

  1. can i get mw2 1.13 infected mod menu
    please what acc i need to add on ps3 or add me Su_beastly1

  2. ive commented and liked so many of ur hacked black ops lobby videos and i get nothing im not so happy i was gonna tell my friends to subscrib ur channel too but i guess not if u dont reply im unsubscribing and un liking all the videos i liked.

  3. actually derektrotter isn’t the host because I have mr okras 1.2 mod loader and I don’t need to be host to use them I just simply join a game if any 1 wants in one of these lobbys well obviously better than this one the come over to my channel and sub me then pm me and I’ll get you in asap

  4. Add me Selfdestructo98 please man? ive been looking for hack on gta iv for ages…. cheers man! :)

  5. SOMEONE WHO HAS GTA 4 HACKS PLZ ADD :KID-LIKE-COOKIE its my psn and message me if u ca host a free hacked lobby

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