Private Cloud 101 – Dedicated Hosting vs Private Cloud Hosting presents "Private Cloud 101 - A complete guide to private cloud hosting" 1. What is private cloud 2. Benefits of private cloud 3. Dedicated hosting vs private cloud comparison 4. Security 5. eCommerce Flexibility 6. Private Cloud in Back Office 7. Utility Billing 8. Saas Environment 9. Choosing the right provider

20 thoughts on “Private Cloud 101 – Dedicated Hosting vs Private Cloud Hosting

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  2. Without using the words, you simply described a migration of a system from underutilized physical servers to virtual servers, or P-to-V.

    Can you articulate the business case for doing this?

  3. say I currently have a Dedicated Server that hosts small social networks (i.e.: salsahook[dot]com) and other database-driven (sql) websites. What is a price comparison that I can get and/or are there any benefits for a small fish like me? Is private cloud hosting for someone like me or for a larger customer that runs very large websites? … I will appreciate a response. :)

  4. thanks for this video but what u did not cover was cloud computing, actualy what i think is that cloud computing is just a dream, vitrualization and hot server immigration on similar or even dissimlar hardware are not new things, the technology is if cloud computing right now require lots of work of programing and change of the way operating systems works, the funny thing is that it seems that ibm idea about mainframes is coming back again think about it !!

  5. A Next-Generation of "Middleware for the Cloud" Will Rise in Dominance Over Traditional J2EE Application Servers. Watch Nick Carr’s Video on Optimistic and Counter Intuitive Cloud Vision

  6. es un video muy interesante para los que somos usuarios de alojamiento web, gracias por compartirlo

  7. Hey Cloud your anti-virus thing is messing with my computer and won’t leave I’m already using a anti-virus thingie but I don’t want Cloud. P.S. it keeps sending me e-mails from people I don’t know to me.

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  9. It is all great for public info , will it allow for M$ BoB or GNU Linux ? or Windows 95 on Dial Up ? :) QC

  10. Adding hypervisors doesnt make it private cloud. You still have single point of failure for your data. Unless you start to replicate data across multiple datacenters this solution is not differente from 1st diagram, just costs a lot more

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