PlowShare – File Hosting Downloader for Terminal – Ubuntu 10.10

to download one link $ plowdown url-link to download multiply links $ plowdown url-link1 url-link2 url-link3 ..etc to download using a list $ plowdown -m your-text-file.txt plowshare is a command-line application designed for some of the most popular file-sharing websites. Using plowshare you will be able to download files (and for some modules also upload, list and delete) on UNIX-like operating systems plowshare supports Megaupload, Rapidshare, 2Shared, 4Shared, ZShare, Badongo,, Depositfiles, Mediafire,,,,, Sendspace, Usershare, and some others. Refer to the README for more info plowshare is written in Bash, although some few modules need Perl to solve captchas.

23 thoughts on “PlowShare – File Hosting Downloader for Terminal – Ubuntu 10.10

  1. I have not been around for a while gotbletu. Glad to see you are still banging out the vidz. Thanks

  2. kool vid man

    hey do u still get ur wallpapers the same way as ur older wallpaper vid u but up?

  3. Rapidshare has its own download manager thats native to Linux which is what I use. Before I was using JDownloader. I like the command line so thanks for sharing this, could come useful.

  4. When Unity comes out on Ubuntu…are you going to completely stop making Ubuntu vids? Or are you going to take unity off and install gnome again and continue awesome Ubuntu vids. I know Mint isn’t switching to unity. Arch is also pretty sweet!

  5. yea tucan sucks also, i gave it many chances but it never seems to download very well

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