Plastic Surgeon SEO and Internet Marketing Is Your Website Bringing in 5-10 New Patients every Month? It Should and it Can... If youre like most of my new clients, the answer is a definite NO. Want to change it to a definite YES? Thats my business -- No problem. Ive done it for others and can definitely do it for you. And soon, youll start to see 5, 6, 8, 10 new Patients month after month -- just like my other SEO Plastic Surgeon Clients do. How can I do it? I am a Plastic Surgeon SEO expert. I know SEO. And I know how to market your profession -- read the testimonials on this page to see the kind of success other surgeons have had. I have hundreds of current page 1 results for Plastic Surgeons in Google, Bing, Yahoo and YouTube (see one Doctors amazing results in the case study video on the right side of this page) I will give you more details later, but for now, let me just mention a few of the things youll get: One YouTube video every month that showcases your knowledge, your successes and your work. Two immediate benefits: You become a real person and "the expert" in your prospects eyes. And your optimized video gets you much higher Google rankings. Top Quality Press Releases and Articles with backlinks to your site. Again, you get personal recognition and higher Google rankings. Reputation Management. I monitor the internet for any mention of your name. I protect your reputation to make sure anything said is positive and supportive and anything negative is handled and removed or "buried <b>...<b>

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