Pitchfork Protest: Fauquier County Fines Woman for Hosting 10 Year Old’s Birthday Party

In April, Fauquier County threatened Martha Boneta, owner of a small farm in Paris, VA, with thousands of dollars in fines for a series of alleged violations, including hosting "an event" on her farm without obtaining a special events permit. The event? A small birthday party for the 10-year old daughter of a close friend, Robin Verity. Martha was also cited for selling produce directly to consumers from her farm without a license. But Ms. Boneta paid for and received a county-approved business license for a "retail farm shop" in June, 2011. However, just one month later, the county Board of Supervisors approved an amendment that restricted "farm sales", and began issuing citations to farmers in the area. Farmers in the area believe this is a violation of Virginias "Right to Farm Act", which bars governments from restricting the rights of farmers from earning a living, so they orchestrated a protest during Marthas Board of Zoning Appeals hearing on August 2nd, 2012. Increasing economic freedom matters to people like Martha. But it also matters to consumers everywhere who should be free to choose the foods they want and buy directly from the farm that produced them. See www.economicfreedom.org for more stories like this.

20 thoughts on “Pitchfork Protest: Fauquier County Fines Woman for Hosting 10 Year Old’s Birthday Party

  1. They should of brought real pitch forks, along with tar and feathers. Then actually used them.

  2. When are the people going to learn who the real enemy is? And get rid of Facebook!!! The fed and local govts are monitoring your activity through it!!!!

  3. I think the people should march in there and throw their officials out of office and repeal all those bad laws.

  4. Welcome to the bureaucracy cracking down. Good for them for standing up for their RIGHTS.

  5. government by representation does not work when it’s so easy to buy the representatives. Farmers should unite, stop selling their products to the distributors, and take control of their products.. then refuse to sell any food to the zionist crap destroying our livelihoods. You’ll not find any of them with dirt under their fingernails or aching bones from tending crops…they won’t work to grow their own, so they’ll end up starving themselves.

  6. The best solution for people in Fauquier County involves hanging rope. England in the 1770’s was less tyrannical over its American colonies than our current governments are over us. Our Founding Fathers acknowledged the right of the people to revolt against such governments. We need to start small. Fauquier County would be a good place to begin. Send a message to the power-mad fools in government at all levels.

  7. "The American people will never knowingly adopt socialism. But, under the name of ‘liberalism,’ they will adopt every fragment of the socialist program, until one day America will be a socialist nation, without knowing how it happened."
    – Norman Thomas, U.S. Socialist Party presidential candidate 1940, 1944 and 1948

  8. Private property rights are exactly what separates the rich countries from the poor ones.

  9. If you close your eyes and listen, you’ll catch the correct name of the county at 2:40 or so

  10. That woman should be free of all charges, except naming her kid ‘gwenny’. She should get 200 hrs community service for that.

  11. THIS is why we need more people like RON PAUL in political offices. Because they KNOW the proper role of the Government and keep it OUT of private business!!! When will America WAKE UP and STOP voting for democrats??!??
    (btw, share and make this story go viral for freedom’s sake)

    If this isn’t a warning to Americans, then God help us all….

  12. If everyone throws a party same day, they can’t get em all. Stick together and overthrow.

  13. No Brasil é pior, mas os americanos estão caminhando pra esse caminho negativo.

  14. The larger we make Government, the more bureaucracy, regulations and ultimately less freedom.
    Stop making the Government the safety net for life.

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