15 thoughts on “Physical Science 6.7b – Magnets and Magnetic Domains

  1. @vanityvideo As far as we know that is not possible. The physicists state this by saying "There are no magnetic monopoles." Magnetic poles always come in pairs.

  2. @derekowens ok then why are there monopoles in the atom, that means monopoles exist, why cant we take those monopoles and use them? also i spent like hours watching a lot of your videos yesterday, you are what is refereed to as a "real teacher" i just made that up but it means what a teacher is meant to be like, anyways what i was most interested in was the "light" section, and i still had questions after watching the videos, i have no more room here so ill ask them in the next comment

  3. @derekowens you said that light is a disturbance in an electromagnetic field, but what about light coming from a light bulb, or light coming from a fire, how does that work? is it still a disturbance in a magnetic field, or something else, and is light and fire the same thing, or how does heat relate to light, this is very important for me to know, because God is literally light, and in the Bible it states that satan is the carrier of light, so please also explain what actually "carries" light

  4. @vanityvideo By "monopoles in the atom" I think you might be referring to isolated charges. Yes, electric charges can exist in isolation, but magnetic entities always occur in pairs.

  5. @vanityvideo Light is still somewhat mysterious. In that way light is in fact like God. We just don’t know everything about it, although we know some things. One of the things that we have learned about light is that sometimes it appears to behave like a wave and sometimes it appears to behave like a particle. Which one it appears to be depends on the experiment. When it behaves as a wave, we have to ask, "what is it that’s waving". And the answer is, "the electromagnetic field".

  6. @vanityvideo Light coming from a light bulb or from a fire is still light. How you observe it will determine whether it appears to be a particle or a wave. For example, if you set up an apparatus to measure its frequency, then you are focusing on its wave characteristics.

  7. @vanityvideo About God being light, I’m reminded of CS Lewis saying that he thought of God as like the Sun, not so much because he could observe it directly, but because it was by it that he could observe everything else.

  8. so if i place a magnet next to a conductor with current in the opposite direction, will the north and south poles exchange themselves?
    and also if i place a magnet next to some electronic device will either of them get damaged in anyway??

  9. thx for excellent tutorial. Magnet can be the infinite source of energy. We can use magnetic forces to create mechanical/electrical energy. Robert Adams motro/generator is good solution.

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