Personal Development Deserves Online Marketing Rachels an everyday mom. Sharing how her success story made it into Joe Vitales Book " Expect Miracles" using a simple marketing system to share her passion with more people to create a large steady income for her family. Personal development needs marketing exposure to be effective! Get it here.

7 thoughts on “Personal Development Deserves Online Marketing

  1. You raise a good point. Personal development products and courses really show you how to invest in yourself and grow, which is the first step. But then you need to gain exposure for what you’ve learned. Thanks for sharing this Rach! Always a good reminder. Where can I find that Joe Vitale book you’re talking about?

  2. Hey Jason, where’d you come from?! LOL. I’m sure you can find it on Amazon or you can contact Joe’s support staff on his website:

  3. thanx for an interesting view. i thought Joe Vitale retired. he’s been around 4evuh.

  4. I am really glad to hear how you found the perfect sustem for you. Continued good fortune.

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