21 thoughts on “Pepper & Phil DOWN hosting LOUD

  1. @wht93civic I did and yes he was. I caught him with Arson Anthem a couple of months back on his little Housecore tour of like 4 dates. I’m bout to catch him with Down on May 2nd on the last night of the American tour before they head to Sweden. Wish they had new material they were supporting.

  2. this is bad that i know most of bands(EHG, Crowbar, COC, Black Flag, Saint Vitus and many others) because of Philip Anslemo? ;D

  3. yeah, not all, but most of my bands i listen to i know by him (shirts etc), or Pantera, or Eyehategod ;D its my musical way to find most of bands ;] One of my best inspiration. I think its good thing to wear shirts with bands you like, cause peapole could find some good music by it!

  4. @metalbonicks
    I can.
    But who cares….all of them well known songs. Some Pantera and CoC….Black Sabbath I believe.

  5. Wow I used to love watching Loud because it was the only thing good on Much Music. Too bad these music stations are even worse now than they were in the ’90s.

  6. In my opinion, i do listen to bands that the guys who i listen listens, you know? That gives you and idea of where they are getting the inspiration, but i do not like ALL of the bands that they like. Talking about Phil, i do not like black flag, but Saint Vitus, Crowbar (which have becomes into a "like" itself, after knowing it) …you know?

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