PDIMI Guide To Online Marketing Webinar Week 2

Click Here: guidetoonlinemarketingandsales.com Guide To Online Marketing Training Webcast This video is our internet marketing training webcast that was recorded on January 10, 2013 which will focus on the "road map" for success on the internet. We, as a team will be helping people learn about the tools of internet marketing and also web marketing search engine optimization, among other things. The PDIMI "Founding Members" position is to close 2 days from today. PDIMI Founders are making a complete guide to online marketing. My personal mission is to help people learn the internet marketing ropes which will include web marketing search engine optimization, but there is a lot more to success online than that. I highly recommend that people start out with an easy to understand guide to internet marketing and sales. More on our guide to online marketing can be found on our YouTube channel here: www.youtube.com