Paypal Targeting Internet Marketers & Why That Is GREAT!

Paypal is targeting Internet marketers, as stated by a Paypal employee who was recorded during a call made by Anthony Aires. This video is an explanation why I think this is actually a good thing in the long run. Whats your thoughts? Link to Anthonys recorded call

18 thoughts on “Paypal Targeting Internet Marketers & Why That Is GREAT!

  1. Yo BRO…great video really appreciate you getting this out…I def understand their poin…what sucks is that I can’t even use them to buy services…imagine getting locked out of and tons of other services that are only provided by paypal. I lost my privilege but I didn’t do anything wrong like Tony said. Kinda of sucks but what doesn’t KILL You Makes you STRONGER! LOVE You Man…Much Respect and Many Thanks!

  2. @anthonyaires Yeah I totally understand that frustration… I tried buying a solo ad the other day and NONE of them take credit cards.

    THANK YOU for recording that call… That’s important information for all of us.

  3. The fact that they are shutting people down without warning and then banning you is the part that is dangerous. All the more reason for people to incorporate and create a corporate paypal (and bank) account that is separate from your personal one. That way you can still have an account to use for purchases.

  4. @michealsavoie Good point Micheal, definitely should have a personal and business. We do, though I don’t think I’ve ever used my personal one yet.

  5. In the truest sense of a ponzi scheme, I disagree with PayPal. However, I agree that one of the biggest issues in IM is that an idea gets rehashed over and over, even with different names applied to the idea. Its rare that a unique idea comes out in the industry. I even remember "gurus" saying that the best way to make money is to take an idea, rebrand it, and reword it a bit and then sell it as a new product. Which I think is a) completely dishonest, and b) adding no real value to anyone.

  6. Absolutely LOVE what you say the role of entrepreneurship is; seeing a problem and coming up with a solution. That is EXACTLY what adds value to the industry and provides quality products for people to buy.

  7. I think selling physical products is about the only thing that Paypal will find "safe" according to what they used to determine that Anthony’s account was dangerous.

  8. It’s BS man! You can sell a crappy beanie baby over and over again on eBay… What’s the value in that? A piece of junk that just sits on your shelf has value, but new knowledge and eduction doesn’t. eBay / PayPal is making so much money off us. If they do this then they are cutting their own throat. I think it is about time that the Warrior find it’s own payment processor and show paypal what kind of dent that will put in thier revenues…

  9. This whole thing about value…take cars for example…that example was used by this paypal guy. Every year, or every other year, a new model comes out. It’s hardly really new though…the styling and modeling of cars is updated to what works now,and you’ll lots of copying of that from various brands…yet..they all drive you from a to b…IM products could be seen this way. Repackaging sometimes happens, but new ideas or or new angles are "invented" and sold as such. is that wrong?

  10. @RyanKoblasa but a beanie baby isn’t promising the person to make six figures, or live a life of their dreams, or to grow their business. WSO’s have hyped up claims a big income spike and then it goes away to be repeated again with another WSO. It’s a dangerous untrustable model for Paypal.

    You have to see it from their point of view. If you were Paypal you’d feel differently about all of this.

  11. The money system is a ponzi scheme, are paypal going to ban that too and put themselves out of business? I didn’t think so..

  12. Thanks for posting this video and this call with Paypal. I feel for Anthony. I am in the same situation he is in. This was me back in 2010. I have had these exact frustrating calls with them multiple times. Like Anthony I can’t even buy. For those giving advice on opening a personal account and a business account to separate them it doesn’t matter. I have a corporation, business bank account, credit card, etc. and they shut down my personal and business account.

  13. @pcdoctor2 To accept credit cards you need a merchant account, or you can use clickbank, 2checkout, CCBill, etc. etc. (Do some googling)

    Advantage = You can accept credit cards

  14. @ThePaulCounts I only have 500 characters so here are more thoughts! :) The best advice I can give is use your Paypal, but simply plan on being shut down because more than likely it will happen. Have a backup processor with Clickbank, 2Checkout, and Plimus (all allow the sale of digital goods and they still accept Paypal!). Then have a merchant account for credit card processing with PowerPay or another one. Finally setup a Google Checkout and an Amazon checkout. Be prepared.

  15. I know we are talking different niche markets here, but Ebay (which owns Paypal) could be considered a "ponzi scheme" because sellers are also buyers on that website! One other point is that it isn’t just IM that is being targeted. If you look at the multiple anit-Paypal websites and forums you will find sellers of physical goods, many Ebay sellers, etc. being shut down. The limitations department wants job security so they limit accounts. At least that is my theory. :)

  16. I think the point is potentially being missed – with most of the discussion being why/if/should Paypal be doing what they are doing. Don’t focus on that.  Focus on what you can do to limit your liability. If you are buying and selling WSOs at the same time – then do it with two PayPal Accounts – Upgrade to a Commercial Paypal account – Get TWO Commercial accounts to spread the risk – don’t leave money with PP that you don’t mind having frozen for 6 months. You know the risk – NOW avoid it. :-)

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