Online Success – The End to Serena Herodias’ Network Marketing/MLM Failures

Like thousands of people who dream of building a successful home business with the dream of time and financial freedom, I was, yes, part of the 95% that failed… until this… heres my story. For years my dream has been to be my own boss. Like hundreds of thousands of others, I joined network marketing with the dream of time and financial freedom. My first company was AL Williams insurance company back in the 80s just after graduating from high school. My friends persuaded me into joining, convincing me that we could all make lots of money, lol! Are you laughing as you read this? You should, cause I am too! ;-D Of course its funny…. Because like 95% of the people who join and fail, I also failed because all I was told was to talk to my family and friends about the business and products. I didnt feel comfortable doing this and when I did manage to get up the nerve, I was untrained at it that I was rejected anyway. My second network marketing company was in the health and wellness industry and this one seemed a little more promising because this one at least offered me a system and some success results. That system still consisted of calling family and friends, but it also consisted of passing out thousands of flyers around town and inviting prospects to weekly hotel meetings. There were a bunch of problems with this system Problem 1 Needed lots of money to print the flyers, and then lots of time to pass them out around town, at <b>…<b>