Online Marketing–Online Marketing Basics Video 4 Landing Pages A "Landing Page" is your virtual store" on the internet where you market products either your own or someone elses. Think of a grocery store, remember all those times you drove up to the store and those 18 wheelers were backed up to the store unloading products. Then you went inside and there are vendors from all these differnt companies stocking the shelves with their products? This is exactly what your landig page is. This is a place where you display products you want to market to the public. Clickbank and JVzoo are just 2 of many wharehouses where you can sign up as an affiliate, browse their selections, and choose a product to place in your store. Both of these companies also act as a bank to pay both you and the seller once a sale has been made. Things to do: 1. Remeber to crawl before you walk, and walk before you run. This means to start small with 1-2 products, get your feet wet and learn the skills necessary to make a profit. 2. Be sure to always seek advice from your sponsor or coach. 3. You would not throw your 6 year old son off the high diving board and tell him to swim, so dont YOU jump off in the deep in before your ready. 4. WATCH the link above as it goes into GREAT detail on the Basic Overview which I am providing in these videos.