Online Marketing–Online Marketing Basics Video 3 Capture Page-Squeeze Page Think about a "MALL" and think about walking through a mall and looking in the store windows and seeing something that catches your eye and makes you want to go inside. This is what a capture page is designed to do. You want the capture page to reflect the display window in the mall and cause the customer to "want" to come inside. The next time you are at a shopping mall and walk into a store, I want you to pause and visualize someone standing at the entrance asking you to sign their "Guest Book" with your name and email address. This is "exactly" what a capture page is. If you are brand new, this is what I suggest you do: 1. Go to and for $5.00 to $20.00 you can purchase several capture pages, designed to fit your particular product. 2. If you are an affiliate, they will likely provide capture pages for you. 3. If you decide to be "ambitious" and goggle capture pages and are "mesmerized" by some product on "How to Build Your Own Capture Pages" for X amount of dollars……………..PLEASE wait, seek advice, talk to a sponsor or coach before investing your money. 4. Some of the products out there sound easy until you buy them and then before long you realize you dont have the skills, time or patience and the next thing you know, your frustrated and broke. DON"T let this happen to you. I will let you know, I am currently using a product that is "easy" enough for me. It is currently not available to the general public, but once it is, I <b>…<b>

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  1. As usual Lank you give a lot of content. Thanks for making´╗┐ these videos and breaking down the online marketing process so simply that anyone can understand.


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