Online Marketing—Online Marketing 101 The Basics Online Marketing and Internet Marketing are the "Same" so do not be confused by the terminology. If youre looking for a business opportunity in which you can make money from home, then OnlineInternet Marketing is something you should consider. As the video explains, I feel it is very important to get a firm understanding of what Internet Marketing is. I highly encourage you to find something that you can relate it to such as the shopping mall example I gave. If you can picture it in your mind and visualize the overall process, then getting started will be much easier Some of the benefits include: 1. The ability to work at home and determine your own hours. 2. No products to store in your home. 3. No Home Meetings 4. No 3 way sales calls 5. No cold calls either on the phone or in person. 6. The ability to sale and market any product you wish. 7. The ability to generate a sizeable income for you and your family. Remember, anyone can complicate something, so DON"T, keep it as simple as possible in terms you can understand and "TAKE YOUR TIME". These videos were made with a movie clip in mind: In the movie Philadelphia, there is a scene in which Tom Hanks is asking Denzel Washington to represent him. Denzel looks at Tom confused and says, "Explain it to me like Im a three year old". Before you go out there and spend a ton of money, on a lot of different programs, become overwhelmed, frustrated, broke and confused, please take the time to watch these <b>…<b>

8 thoughts on “Online Marketing—Online Marketing 101 The Basics

  1. Lank, I’ve never in my life have seen internet marketing explained this way. It was so simple, but explained the basics of what we do everyday. Great video and I look forward to seeing many more from you.

  2. No problem, I will get right on the landing pages. FYI the URL I left in front of the description includes some videos that goes into some of that, but I will do more for you.

  3. Appreciate the comments, and will do my best to explain the basics of what we do everyday in a futre video.

  4. Hey Lank thanks for explaining to me how online marketing can work for me, I’m a young Entrepreneur that definitely has what it takes to be successful online but I Just need mentors like yourself that focus on teaching rather then selling!! GREAT VID much success to you!

  5. Thanks so much for your comment, I will try to keep it realy simple for people like "me" that need it, lol……………like I said in the video, I will take each of those and do a short video……………..should have some up today.Good Luck To You

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